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  How Expanded Metal Is Made?

Expanded Metal is made from sheets of solid metal that are uniformly slit and stretched to create diamond-shaped openings. As expanded metal is made, each row of diamond-shaped openings is offset from the next. This product is called standard expanded metal. The sheet can be rolled to produce flattened expanded metal.

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Common, in-stock sheet sizes for Flattened Expanded Metal include (second dimension is the LWD, available size varies by material type):

. 36 x 96 inches
. 36 x 108 inches
. 48 x 96 inches
. 48 x 120 inches
. 60 x 120 inches
. 60 x 144 inches
. 72 x 96 inches
. 72 x 120 inches
. 72 x 144 inches
. 96 x 36 inches
. 96 x 48 inches
. 96 x 144 inches


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