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  Welcome to Deploye Expanded Metal Co.
Ordering Information  
  Please review the following Ordering Information:

Application or use of product
Physical requirements
A. percent of open area B. environment C. loading

 More detailed information below

Please Specify:
Material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel 316 or 304, etc.
Item No.: typically expanded metal or grating is specified like the following examples:

(1/2 #18 F 4' SWD x 8' LWD Carbon Steel)

1/2 = short way of diamond dimension

#18 = gauge

"F" = flattened ("S" would indicate standard)

4' SWD x 8' LWD = size of sheet width x length

Carbon Steel = material

(ie. 4.0# Catwalk 10' SWD x 2' LWD Carbon Steel)

4.0# = wt/per sq. foot of catwalk or grating

10' SWD x 2' LWD = size of sheet width x length

Quantity: number of pieces - full size or cut pieces required.

Shearing: bond or random . Please note tolerances.

Finish: hot-dipped galvanized, special, if any.

Special Fabrication: circle shearing, cut outs, etc., if any.

Accessories: U-Edging (state part no.)
Stair Tread (state style and size)
Terminology & Shearing

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